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 Show Performances, Demos and Training Sample Videos


The "Million Dreams" Freestyle with mustangs Marvel and Trac

Twenty years ago, Mirka Crew came to the United States with $200 in her pocket and her family's warnings in her ear: "You'll never become a horse trainer; instead, you'll clean stalls all your life." Mirka fought the fears and doubts occasioned by such discouragement through the firm belief that the only limit to our success is the one we place on ourselves. Our ability to realize our dreams depends primarily on whether we allow self-doubt to undermine us. Belief leads to achievement, for success is a story that we create in our heads; only fear can destroy that belief and stop us in our tracks. We may not know how to achieve our dreams, but self-belief is the key to their realization. Tapping into that belief, rejoicing in one's  drive and hunger, leads to action and the search for answers, to the understanding that there are no limits, that the sky is, no matter what we are told, limitless. Tonight, Mirka is performing with her mustang mare Marvel, who has never worn a bridle. Joining them later will be her mustang Right on Trac.

6:50 minutes

2023 ILHA Liberty Festival Invitational Freestyle with mustangs Marvel and Right on Trac with an Original song by Victoria Venier


Throughout my God-guided life and His blessings on my experience with horses, I have learned that the sky is NOT the limit. This freestyle peformance, featuring two previously wild american mustangs, Marvel and Right on Trac, is dedicated to "The Spirit pf the Horse' with an Original song written and produced by Nashivlle Recording Artist Victoria Venier. Recorded and mixed by Brandon Calderone and V-Squared Songs.

4:49 minutes

Mirka Crew & Crickette’s Meadow Dance, owned by Karen Fitzgerald, World Champions Intro Freestyle 2023 WDAA World Show 83.714% - thanks to the choreography and coaching help from Karyn Rainey!

5:50 minutes

June 2023 Liberty Demo with Mustang Marvel and Mustang Right on Trac at the TN Extreme Mustang Makeover



Mirka and Crickette - Intro Costume Freestyle 1st place (75.821%) 2023 WDAA International Challenge

7:14 minutes

2023 Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle TOP 5 - Mirka Crew with Mustangs Right on Trac and Nike

8:54 minutes

2023 Invitational Freestyle at the ILHA Liberty Festival -Reserve Champions


"Tom and Jerry"  


Mirka Crew feat. Kiera Nelson and Kelly Stewart with Mustangs Marvel, Nike and Gypsy Vanner Cali. 

6:58 minutes

2022 Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle - Marsha Sapp & Cobra (red) and Mirka Crew & Marvel (blue)

04:52 minutes 

“Pray for Peace” dedicated to the Ukraine, 2022 FL Extreme Mustang Makeover Freestyle TOP 3, Mirka & Trac

 44:22 minutes

Mirka Crew & Right on Trac 2022 Florida Extreme Mustang Makeover Journey to TOP 3

6:22 minutes

Beautiful Dancing Mustangs with lights at the 2022 Road to the Horse - Mirka Crew and Marsha Sapp

0:00 / 4:54

Mirka and Stormy -  Western Dressage 80's themed Freestyle 

5:22 minutes

Mirka Crew & Gemma Level 2 Test 3 67.333% 5th place WDAA Online International Challenge 2021

3:03 minutes

Mirka Crew and Mustang Marvel Freestyle - Dancing to “The Eye of the Tiger” by David Garrett

5:01 minutes

Mirka Crew and Mustang Gemma Basic Test 3 WDAA World Show Champions Score 82.750% 10-5-2020


Mirka Crew and Charlotte ILHA Freestyle Open Champions August 2020

0:00 / 0:23

Cantering pirouette training in two lines with mustang Gemma 

Two line driving work with mustang from the wild, Gemma

Two line driving work - shortening of the trot towards a Piaffe, with mustang from the wild, Gemma

Two line driving work - training trotting half passes, with mustang from the wild, Gemma

 Ranch Riding Win at Feathered Horse Classic with Lillie

  Bareback & Bridleless Collection in the canter with mustang from the wild, Gemma

  2017 Mustang Magic Freestyle, 4th place with mustang from the wild, Nike

0:00 / 3:50

Mirka Crew and Suave update Liberty and Bridleless


The making of my mustang Liberty team with Trac and Marvel, first 4 sessions.

0:00 / 9:56

Suave playful Liberty July 2022

0:00 / 2:17

Who said circles were boring? Advancing Liberty training with Mustang Marvel “Marshmallow”

0:00 / 2:13

Mustang Marvel “the dream ride” bareback bridleless in a large field

I have had a DREAM with Mustang Marvel “Marshmallow” since I got her as a wild mustang in 2019, to run through a big field bareback bridleless.

Marvel has been trained bareback and bridleless the last three years but it has been 99.9% inside of an arena for two different reasons.


One, her balance was very downhill, she tripped a lot on uneven ground and has even fallen down with me. She needed a ton of help with her balance, engagement and impulsion.

Two, I had a horrific accident in 2017 where a horse spooked in the woods with me, bucked me off, stepped on my head (with a helmet) and my back and pushed off of it into a roll back. I had slurred speech that day, a concussion and severe headaches for 6 months with a loss of balance, especially on horseback for a few years. To add to my hip dysplasia and scoliosis, the stepping on my back has increased the daily pain. My balance riding horses only just this last year has been fully restored. The PTSD was real and I would stick to the safety fences of the arena besides few exceptions here and there on horses I would fully trust.


However, I never stopped. I never stopped believing I could do this again, I never stopped believing I would recover, I kept inching every day towards this dream. I was back on a horse the day after the accident and I continued pushing through my comfort zone.


In the meantime, I have spent almost 4 years focusing on improving Marvel’s self carriage, on the ground and under saddle. It is amazing now when people come up to me and are in awe of her lift. I know how hard we have worked for this lift! It wasn’t there to start with. It can be created through lateral balance, engagement, relaxation, impulsion and strengthening.


Our last day in Kentucky after the ILHA Championship I decided to split the drive instead of driving for 12 hours. We found a lovely layover place in Franklin TN to which we arrived at 10pm. In the morning when we came to the layover facility and I saw the open field in the daylight in front of the barn, I wanted to get on Marvel and canter through it. The original plan was to just stretch the horses’ legs and let them graze for a bit before we loaded up for the final stretch to Alabama, but I couldn’t help it.


I got on and I started slowly. Testing the footing at the trot and slowly easing off to new areas of the pasture. Marvel was relaxed, staying on the cues and I got the confidence to lope her off…


Never stop believing.

Never stop trying.

Never stop working towards it.

Take the time it takes. Wait for it.


It may just come together one day!

Sky is NOT this limit!


Video credit: Kiera Nelson and Kelly Stewart - Thank you!!!

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