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The Sky Is Not The Limit Membership

Monthly or Yearly Subscription

Horse Training Videos

- follow different horses in training of different breeds, including many mustangs from the wild of different ages, past experiences and levels.

*Access the organized video library (by topic) on the website or under Guides within the membership  Facebook group. The Guides will mark off which videos you have already watched. 

Organized Video Library

6+ years of training videos (hundreds). 


TOPICS: Posture focused training on the ground and ridden, Liberty training and Bridleless

SPECIALTY: Wild mustang gentling and colt starting, interrupting extreme behaviors (bucking, bolting, kicking ...)

INSPIRATIONAL - freestyle performances & training highlights


Foundation Online Course 

Modules 1-5

1-Year access to each module


80% of your success will depend on your mindset!

80% of your success will depend on your MINDSET!

This course has been "life-changing" for many of my students.

5 Foundation Course Modules:

1. Unstoppable Mindset. Adopt the Sky Is Not The Limit Mindset.(available)

2. Connection and Harmony.        (available)

3. Think like a Trainer through MTP

(coming soon) 

4. Master Keys to Relaxation (Coming Soon)

5. The Posture Focused Mindset and Process. (Coming soon)

Step-By-Step Program

Marks your progress in %

Certificate once complete

Price and Duration: 1-time Payment $50/Module. 1-year access to each purchased Module.

Choose your starting date at check out.

Posture Focused Training Online Courses

1-year access



Overview, Intro and Novice Level of Ground PFT

PFT = FOUNDATION on the ground on the lead line, body control (whole horse and body parts), a prerequisite to the liberty course

Step-By-Step Program

Assess with Mirka, personally, to make sure you are on the right track and the quality of your training is up to each level.

Marks your progress in %

Certificate once complete

Community Access - Ask questions, share your progress, here on the website within a private group. You don't need to have a social media account. 

365 Days

Liberty Online Courses

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


In the meantime, you can watch many Liberty instructional videos inside The Sky Is Not the Limit Membership and make sure to go through the Ground Posture Focused Training Intro and Novice Course as a prerequisite to the Liberty Course.

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