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Traveling Lessons and Retreats

Willing Partnership

Photo Credit: Sedrick Hicks - PS91 Digital Arts


Traveling Lessons

Mirka covers Southern AL (monthly), the FL Panhandle (monthly) and Aiken, SC (quarterly) during her traveling teaching trips. Lessons are $90 for approx. 50 minutes. A lesson payment is required to reserve a time slot and is non-refundable, besides emergencies (health reasons, family emergencies, etc...). Please contact us at if you need to schedule or cancel a lesson. Prices are subject to change. 

2024 Teaching Schedule:

May 22 - 25; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

Sign Up Link:

May 31 - June 2; Aiken, SC - Equine Rescue of Aiken

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June 26 - 30; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

July 24 - 28; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

August 2 - 4; Aiken, SC - Equine Rescue of Aiken

August 28 - 31; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

September 28 - 31; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

October 23 - 24; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

November 13 - 17; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

December 11 - 15; Southern AL/Panhandle of FL

1-on-1 Retreats with Mirka 

Get away from your busy life of work and obligations. This time is dedicated to you and your horse only; with 1-on-1 guidance with Mirka to help achieve your goals by setting your unstoppable mindset, grabbing the Sky is not the limit concept, creating a map to your dreams, getting even more inspired but most importantly immersing yourself in the practice towards a harmonious partnership with your horse.

If not NOW then WHEN? Don't let your dream be just a dream.

Inspiration without Immersion = Just a Dream
Inspiration + Immersion = Living the Dream

5 hours per day, $400/day at Mirka's farm or $600/day at your place (minimum 3 days). Prices are subject to change. Get a quote today based on your location (travel expenses vary). 

Schedule it today. Make it reality!


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