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is an Art

It's a fantastic way for the human and the horse to express their creativity, to show how they feel, to shine the light on who they are and yes, I believe that it can also be a beautiful dance.



can also be an ultimate test of the horse-human relationship.

It shows off its strengths and reveals its weaknesses. Once the horse and his human partner achieve a strong bond based on mutual trust and respect and establish clear communication, they are perfectly set up for a lot of feel good connected moments in their liberty sessions.




  • Increased Attention and Mental Focus

  • Improved Clarity of Communication

  • Grow the Connection and Bond

  • Improved physical fitness  - yours and the horse's :-)

  • Explore your creativity

  • Give your horse a platform to express themselves

  • Compete in the discipline of liberty

  • A lot of FUN and JOY!!!

Where to start?

Does Liberty training interest you, but you don't know where to start?

There are many different ways to train liberty. One can start at liberty or on the lead line, one can start in a small area or a large area, one can use negative reinforcement (pressure & release method) only or positive reinforcement only (clicker training) or a combination of both. 
Mirka Crew, the courses' instructor, has trained liberty horses and has performed at liberty for over 25 years. She has studied a lot of different methods over the years as well, which gives her the understanding of the pros and the cons of the different methods available.
 What she offers in her Online Courses, is an approach which has been proven by amazing results with thousands of horses and hundreds of students. The main focus is to keep it SIMPLE and METHODICAL for both the horse and the human to learn, start in a small area because the boundaries of the small area will help with CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING and also encourage a good balance between  negative and positive reinforcement. 

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During each Liberty Clinic, Mirka will use a simple step-by-step process, starting on a lead line, advancing to a round pen and eventually larger areas. The main keys are clarity of cues, isolating the cues and then focusing on the 4 different qualities of each step: relaxation, responsiveness (willingness and motivation), flow (connection and harmony) and posture (balance and engagement). 

With only 8 students in each clinic, Mirka is able to cater to each student's individual needs as well as adjust to each horse's level. She focuses on quality, not on quantity.

Liberty is a 



 The International Liberty Horse Association - ILHA is the first and only association for the Liberty discipline. The ILHA was founded to promote Liberty and to celebrate Liberty training, horses, trainers, and fans everywhere.

ILHA Competitions

Something for everyone. 

With 16 classes and 70+ patterns there really is something for everyone and every horse at ILHA shows. From Novice to Advanced, Youth to Senior, and Non-Pro and Pro - click below to find out where you can best showcase yours and your horse's skills.  


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Don't just dream it,
experience it!


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