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Mirka Crew comes originally from the Czech Republic and is now a dual citizen of the Czech Republic and the USA, residing in Richland, Georgia. She has spent 20 years training horses for the public, teaching clinics, judging competitions and competing in western disciplines; Stock-Horse/Versatility, Western Dressage, and the discipline of liberty and bridleless riding. Mirka is a 7x World Champion, has placed TOP 5 in several Extreme Mustang Makeovers, Mustang Magic events and ILHA Invitational Freestyle performances. She seeks lightness in responsiveness, connection and harmony with each horse. Over the years, through influence of many great human and equine mentors, Mirka has discovered that collection can be achieved even at liberty and bridle-less, she calls this approach Posture Focused Training. Mirka believes that the sky is NOT the limit and her passion is helping her students establish their unstoppable mindset. She believes that there is only one true limit, the one we place upon ourselves.

Mirka is very thankful to her most influential mentors: Lisa Aldridge (reining), Sara Warner (dressage),  Honza Blaha (line free collection), Dan James (liberty), Michael Gascon (colt starting), Linda and Pat Parelli (Natural Horsemanship), David Lichman (liberty), Kelly Sigler (dressage, jumping and horsemanship)  and Karen Rohlf (dressage naturally).

Mirka Crew - Trainer/Instructor/Clinician



This style of training encourages lateral and vertical balance resulting in the horse's better self-carriage. The horse is taught and motivated in each session, on the ground and under saddle/bareback, to find better balance and eventually collection. This is achieved through a series of exercises. The horse is eventually reminded to maintain better posture, instead of holding her/him in it. The horse learns and understands this concept mentally, rather than the rider physically micromanaging the horse's body into this posture.



Over the years, Mirka has also come to believe that the sky is NOT the limit. She is helping her students adopt this concept which helps create an unstoppable mindset. She believes that there is only one true limit, the one we place upon ourselves. The most amazing discoveries which she has made started happening when she quit listening not only to other people's doubts about what was possible, but mainly she quit listening to her own self-doubts. She now focuses on the belief that if she puts her mind to something, it is possible to achieve. This concept has taken her horsemanship to higher levels than she ever imagined before and not just her horsemanship, but all other aspects of her life as well. She encourages others to first believe it, then create a massive plan towards achieving it, making it a priority (scheduling it!) and then seeing themselves making their dreams become a reality. 




Mirka has also managed and hosted several equestrian competitions over the years, WOHA, SESHA/VRH-AQHA, AOCA, Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenges and Jackpot Obstacle Races and has become an ILHA judge.

2020 - President of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021 - Secretary of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021, 2022, 2023 - International Liberty Horse Association Judge

2021 - 2023 - Founder and Manager of the Southeast Liberty Horse Club

2019 - 2022 Manager of the Southern Cross Ranch 

2023 - TN Extreme Mustang Makeover Youth Judge



7 x World Champion:

2007 ABRA Working Cow Horse Open Division) World Champion 

2020 WDAA Basic Level Open Division World Champion

2023 WDAA World Show 5x World Champion, Open Overall High Score, Freestyle High Score, High Score Breed Award 


Year-End Open Champion:

2017 Southeast Stock Horse Open Ranch Riding Champion 

2017 Southeast Stock Horse Open Ranch Trail Champion 

2017 Southeastern Equestrian Association Open Level 2 Western Dressage Champion 

2018 FHC All Breed Western Dressage Grand Champion 


High Point Breed Award

2020 WDAA World Championship Mustang Breed High Score Award

2021 WDAA Online International Challenge HIGH POINT Gypsy Vanner Breed Award 

2023 WDAA World Show HIGH POINT Gypsy Vanner Breed Award

Veteran Extreme Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic Competitor

2016 TOP 5 LA EMM (5th place)

2017 TOP 5 Mustang Magic (4th place) 

2019 TOP 3 Florida EMM (3rd place)

2022 TOP 3 Florida EMM (3rd place, FAN FAVORITE, Reserve Champion Horsemanship Award, Maneuvers Class Champion)

2022 TOP 5 Mustang Magic Celebrity (4th place) as a guest in Marsha Sapp's Freestyle

2023 TOP 5 Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle (5th place)

Veteran International Liberty Horse Association Competitor

2022 TOP 3 ILHA Invitational Freestyle at the Road to the Horse

2022 RESERVE CHAMPION ILHA Invitational Freestyle at the Liberty Festival 

2023 TOP 3 ILHA Invitational Freestyle 


Taylor Marie Images ILHA 2023 Marvel and Trac (3)-3
Taylor Marie Images ILHA 2023 Marvel and Trac (6)-3
Taylor Marie Images ILHA 2023 Marvel and Trac (1)-2
Taylor Marie Images ILHA 2023 Marvel and Trac (5)-3
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  • 2007 ABRA World Show; World Champion Amateur Working Cow Horse, Reserve World Champion Open Working Cow Horse and Reserve World Champion Amateur Reining  with a Quarter Horse PR Smokin Tom Cat

  • 2008-2012 Showed her mare Bet On Magic and a stallion DC Trade Mark at several NRHA and AQHA shows, placing top 5 each time.


  • 2009 Awarded a Level 6 award by Pat Parelli for her spotlight at the Parelli Lakeland Celebration, where she and her quarter horse mare Magie "Bet On Magic" performed at liberty and bridleless


Lakeland 131.jpg
  • 2011 Achieved a Level 4 award for her spotlight with Sarah

  • 2012 Trained a 5 year old mustang from the wild, Second Chance, and competed at the SEMM 2012 after only 127 days of training, placing 28th over all and 10th in the reining class.

  •  2013 Trained a 5 year old mustang mare from the wild, Legacy, and competed at the Mustang Million after only 120 days of training, placing 25th over all out of 191 competitors.

  • 2014 Adopted Gemma for $125 at a local wild mustang adoption and competed with her at the first American Horsewoman's Challenge, placing 13th overall, Top 5 in Cowboy Dressage and Top 10 at Liberty.

  • 2016 Trained a 6 year old mustang gelding from the wild, Zen, for the Gonzales, LA Extreme Mustang Makeover, placing 5th.

  • 2017 Trained a 6 year old mustang from the wild, Nike, for the top trainers invitation only national competition Mustang Magic 2017, placing 4th.

  • 2017 Souteast Stock Horse Open Ranch Riding Champion and Open Ranch Trail Champion with her Quarter Horse Rhebok, reg. Della Smart Peppy 

  • 2017 Southeastern Equestrian Association Open Level 2 Western Dressage Champion with her mustang from the wild Gemma


  • 2018 All Breed Western Dressage Grand Champion with Gypsy Vanner mare Lillie, owned by Laura Wallace at the Feathered Horse Classic in Jacksonville, Florida, among other wins were Freestyle, Ground Poles and Ranch Riding. 


  • 2019 Trained a 5 year old wild mustang mare Marshmallow, placing 3rd at the 100 day challenge, the Florida Extreme Mustang Makeover.


2019 ILHA Liberty Championship

Mirka showed Mystic Meadow Dancer of MPV "Elizabeth" for her owner Laura Wallace:

  • Pro Level 1 Advanced Champion

  • Pro Level 3 Reserve Champion

  • Combined Intermediate Champion

  • Bareback Bridleless Intermediate Co-Reserve Champion

  • Obstacles Liberty Intermediate Reserve Champion

Mirka also showed Hearts Call to Serve "Cali" owned by Karen Fitzgerald:

  • Bareback Bridleless Intermediate Co-Reserve Champions

  • Obstacles Liberty Intermediate Champion


2020 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition May 1-3, 2020

Mirka showed Mystic Meadow Dream Catcher "Charlotte" for her owner Laura Wallace:

  • Level 1 Intermediate Champion

  • Combined Novice Champion

Mirka also showed Hearts Call to Serve "Cali" owned by Karen Fitzgerald:

  • Level 1 Advanced Reserve Champion

  • Combined Intermediate Champion

2020 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition June 5-7, 2020

Mirka showed Cowboy In Vegas "Pal" for his owner Bob Hanes

  • Bareback Bridleless Novice Champion

  • Bareback Bridleless Intermediate Champion

2020 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition July 31-August 2, 2020

Mirka showed Mystic Meadow Dream Catcher "Charlotte" for her owner Laura Wallace:

  • Freestyle Open Champion

2020 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition September 18-20, 2020

​​Mirka showed Mercy Reigns for her owner Lewis Baber

  • Level 2 Novice Champion

  • Bareback Bridleless Champion

Mirka also showed Hearts Call to Serve "Cali" owned by Karen Fitzgerald:

  • Freestyle Open Champion 

2020 ILHA Virtual Liberty CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW October 17th

Mirka showed Hearts Call to Serve "Cali" owned by Karen Fitzgerald

  • Freestyle 8th place

  • Obstacles Intermediate Reserve Champion

Mirka showed Mystic Meadow Dream Catcher "Charlotte" for her owner Laura Wallace:​

  • Combined Novice Reserve Champion

  • Obstacles Advanced 3rd place


2020 Mustang Heritage Foundation Virtual Show - September 

Mirka showed her Mustang Gemma:

  • Walk-Trot-Lope OVERALL Champion

  • Walk-Trot-Lope Freestyle Champion

  • Walk-Trot-Lope Trail 2nd

  • Walk-Trot-Lope Pattern 4th

Mirka also showed her Mustang Marvel "Marshmallow":

  • Walk-Trot-Lope OVERALL 3rd

  • Walk-Trot-Lope Pattern Champion


2020 SCR WDAA recognized show #20-108 on 8-15-2020 Judge Judy Downer

Mirka showed her Mustang Gemma:

  • Basic Test 1 - 74.17% Class WINNER and the Show's High Point Grand Champion

2020 LSS WDAA recognized show #20-346 on 9-12-2020 Judge Lynn Newton

Mirka showed her Mustang Gemma:

  • Introductory Test 4 -  77.14% Class Winner

  • Basic Test 1 - 72.71% Class Winner

  • Basic Test 4 - 77.2% Class Winner & PERSONAL BEST SCORE with Mustang Gemma

Mirka also showed Mystic Meadow Dream Catcher "Charlotte" for her owner Laura Wallace:

  • Introductory Test 1 - 76.82% Class Winner

  • Introductory Test 3 - 83.5% Class Winner and the Show's Western High Point & OVERALL PERSONAL BEST SCORE to this date.

2020 WDAA Online World Show
Mirka and her mustang Gemma won the

  • Basic Level Test 3 Class in the Open Division (with about 85 entries) - 82.750% a PERSONAL BEST SCORE,

  • placed 3rd Basic Test 1 Open Division with a high score of 81.456%,

  • won the Mustang Breed High Score Award and were the overall Basic Level Open Division WDAA World Champions with a score of 82.104%!!! 


2021 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition March 26-28, 2021

​​Mirka showed Crickette for her owner Karen Fitzgerald

  • Pro Liberty Novice Champions

VIDEO: with  SCORES Judge 1: 44 Judge 2: 50 TOTAL: 94

Mirka also showed her QH gelding Stormy; "China Town Dude"

  • Pro Bridleless Distinguished Champions


Judge 1: 69.5 Judge 2: 62.5 TOTAL: 132

Mirka showed Cali "Hearts Call to Serve"and Crickette "Crickettes Meadow Dance" for her owner Karen Fitzgerald

  • Pro Liberty Team Novice Champions  SCORE:44.5

​​Mirka showed Charlotte "Mystic Meadows Dream Catcher" for her owner Laura Wallace 

  • Pro Combined Intermediate Champions



2021 ILHA Virtual Liberty Competition April 23-25, 2021

​​Mirka showed Charlotte "Mystic Meadows Dream Catcher" for her owner Laura Wallace 

  • Freestyle Champion 

VIDEO:  Compulsories SCORE: 58.50

                   Freestyle: SCORE: 36.00


  • Advanced Obstacles Champion

VIDEO:  SCORE: 51.50

  • Liberty Horse Intermediate Champion 

VIDEO: SCORE: Judge 1: 58.50+ Judge 2: 62.50 = TOTAL 121

  • Ridden and a Liberty Horse Reserve Champion 

 - with a Ridden Horse Stormy "China Town Dude" and Liberty Horse Charlotte "Mystic Meadows Dream Catcher" 

VIDEO:  SCORE: 48.00


2021 WDAA Online International Challenge May 2021

​​Mirka showed Charlotte "Mystic Meadows Dream Catcher" for her owner Laura Wallace 

  • HIGH POINT Gypsy Vanner Breed Award with a score of 75.000%


2021 WDAA Online International Challenge May 2021

​​Mirka showed her mustang from the wild, Gemma, WDAA Western Dressage

  • Level 2 Open Division TOP 10 

  • Level 1 Open Division TOP 10

  • Level 2 Test 1 RESERVE CHAMPION

  • Level 2 Test 3 5th place

  • Level 1 Test 3 4th place

  • Level 1 Test 1 9th place

Mirka showed her QH Stormy, China Town Dude, WDAA Western Dressage

  • Basic Level Freestyle RESERVE CHAMPION


2022 Mustang Magic Celebrity Invitational Freestyle January 2022

​​Mirka showed Marshmallow "Mustang Marvel" along side Marsha Sapp, upon her invitation and her mustang Cobra, performing a liberty and bridleless freestyle in the dark with light up costumes. 

  • 4th PLACE 


2022 ILHA Invitational Freestyle at the Road to the Horse March 2022

​​Mirka showed Marshmallow "Mustang Marvel" along side Marsha Sapp and her mustang Cobra, repeating their liberty and bridleless freestyle performance in the dark with light up costumes in front of the RTTH audience this time. 

  • 3rd PLACE 

2022 RTTH Invitational Horsemanship Freestyle at the Road to the Horse March 2022

​​Mirka showed Marshmallow "Mustang Marvel" along side Marsha Sapp and her mustang Cobra, performing reining, bridleless and dressage freestyle performance in the dark with lighted up costumes in front of the RTTH audience this time. 

  • 6th PLACE 

ILHA RTTH Invitational Freestyle 2022 (21).JPG
Photo Credit: Road to the Horse
RTTH with Marsha.jpg
ILHA RTTH Invitational Freestyle 2022 (12).JPG
Photo Credit: Road to the Horse
Photo Credit: Road to the Horse
IMG-6281 (1).jpg

2022 Florida Extreme Mustang Makeover April 2022

​​Mirka competed with a 3 year old mustang from the wild, Right on Trac.

  • 3rd PLACE FL EMM (1.5 points out of 300 from Reserve Champion!)


  • RESERVE CHAMPION Horsemanship Award - preliminary classes combined

  • 1st place Maneuvers preliminary class FL EMM 

  • 2nd place Conditioning and Showmanship preliminary class FL EMM

  • 3rd place Trail preliminary class


2022 ILHA Invitational Freestyle at the Liberty Festival


  • RESERVE CHAMPION in the Compulsories

  • 5th in the Freestyle

Our Reserve Champion International Liberty Horse Association’s Invitational Freestyle video from the Liberty Festival, with me as Jerry on my Mustang Marvel “Marshmallow”, Kiera Nelson as Tom on Cali, owned by Karen M. Fitzgerald and Kelly Stewart as Granny on mustang Nike. Marvel is a mustang from the wild whom I have had for 3.5 years and has been trained completely bridleless. I was so proud of how far we have come, especially with her level of relaxation in front of the audience. This was only her 4th ever performance. She normally hesitates to lay down in this environment and with my main focus being her relaxation during her training, it has paid off and she was able to do this.


I have also put a lot of training in the other two horses in this video. Nike was my Mustang Magic draw in 2016 and Cali has been with me for a few years now. But the coolest thing is that I have always wanted to perform a freestyle with my students and it has finally worked out, Kiera being from the Youth division and Kelly from the senior division. I have been asked a lot of different questions about this particular freestyle idea. YES, it was my idea 😂 I have a wild imagination which is unfortunately not always realistic! But this time I got away with it and it worked. It was the hardest freestyle so far, YES, harder than the lights in the dark.


If anyone ever tries to wear that big head of a costume, not be able to see out of, it bouncing, not be able to hear, the weight of it on my shoulders and head, the slippery fleece of a costume to ride bareback in and I didn’t get the costume to me but 2 weeks before the show and yes we wore helmets under it (which took some pool noodles and packing peanut to fit it correctly). All three of us didn’t get to practice together till the day before we hauled to Lexington. But I trusted my training, I trusted my mustang and I trusted my team that it would come together. I sat down at my computer and put that music together exactly like that with an idea in my brain of what I would like to be doing during each part and for how long and we nailed it to the music 🎶 with the right timing.


That felt amazing!


This freestyle was inspired by Dan James (Double Dan Horsemanship) when I heard him say at the Championship last year that a great freestyle has a story in it. He was commenting on someone else’s freestyle that day that went really well and was very entertaining . So I took it to heart and put a story together for you all 😂.


HUGE THANK YOU to Kiera and Kelly for going with my insane idea and being great sports about it.


2023 Mustang Magic Celebrity with mustangs Right on Trac and Nike

To "The Spirit of the Horse" by Victoria Venier and "God Bless the USA" by Dolly Parton

  • TOP 5

I had been preparing Mustang Marvel for a "BIG" performance of this caliber for 4 years. Training her completely bridleless the entire time. I was preparing diligently and was very excited for the opportunity to show off her talent. On December 12th, 2022, Marvel's cornea was unfortunately accidentally perforated during an attempt to insert an SPL to treat a floating fibrin. We made the decision to try to save the eye via an emergency surgery at the Auburn Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Sanchez pealed a layer of Marvel's eye lid and covered the problem area. Marvel has since then recovered well, but she could not perform in the 2023 Mustang Magic Celebrity due to this injury and rehab.

So, 5 weeks prior to the event, I had to regroup. Mustang Right on Trac was given a break after the 120-day training for the 2022 Florida EMM, since he was just a 3.5 year old.  Given 5 weeks to train, I decided to use the maneuvers which he already new from the EMM. 4 week prior to the performance, I got the idea to ask my student Kelly Stewart, if she would allow me to tune up her mustang Nike (my TOP 5 - 2016 Mustang Magic mare) and add her to my performance. Excitedly she said "YES"! Nike had spent 3 years of training after the Mustang Magic with Jesses Chase and her cues were different from what I was used to. I called Jesse and he very graciously guided me through his cues. This helped us find more harmony tremendously!

With just 5 weeks to prepare, I still felt confident, because both of the mustangs were spot on during our practice. I made sure to only ask for what I felt like they could handle in the limited time that we had. I wanted to make sure that they came out of the MMC arena confident. 

Never having competed in the MMC as one of the main competitors, I didn't realize that unlike during the EMMs, we were not given any prop set up time. I found this out during the competitors' meeting two days before our performance. Trac wasn't used to having the props come in, in the dark and unfortunately with a spotlight mistakenly placed on top of the people carrying the props, instead of on us after we entered the arena. So Trac and I were in the dark, couldn't see and all off a sudden a big spotlight came on top of the moving shiny props behind us and we were at liberty. Then finally the spotlight comes on us, but it was so bright I could barely see Trac. I didn't expect it to come from the side. I thought it would come from the top. So each time he came around me, I got blinded by it, trying to see what Trac was doing and feeling. I had a neck rope on him and I held on to it to help him settle down some. Trac is one of the edgiest, most sensitive mustangs I've ever worked with. He does well with consistency, but new things can surprise him. I was holding on to the neck rope till I felt him settle a little and then it was a moment of truth. Letting go! I thought, it's now or never! The time was ticking. We had a lot prepared for the 6-minute performance. 

I let go of the neck rope, stepped back and cued him onto a liberty circle. From then on Trac's liberty performance flowed just like at home!

One of my favorite moments of our performance. Mustang Right on Trac lays down gently and gracefully, right after he canters and completes an adrenaline filled liberty jump in front of a large electric Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle audience, inside the spotlight and takes his treat (relaxed enough to do so). Just 150 days of training since he was wild and untouched. Trac is such a blessing to me! He brings me so much joy!


This is a great example of the emotional fitness which I work towards with horses I train. They say everything is fine, when everything is fine. I try to train for the tough situations which I may find myself in with my horses when something changes in the environment for example.

I cause the horse to get up on energy, which often brings up the horse’s emotions, sometimes adrenaline and then I see how quickly I can help the horse relax. With practice they learn to do this quicker and quicker. I practice laying a horse down after a cantering circle or a cantering draw. Add a jump and it adds a ton more difficulty to this. But it’s such an important part of them learning how to handle their emotions and adrenaline. 

It still amazes me what all horses will do for us. When Trac soared over the jump and gracefully laid down, in the dark, with a spotlight on him, in front of 4600+ people in the audience, with 150 days of training since he was wild and untouched, I was in so much awe. It was hard to believe! It felt like a dream but it was so real. In that particular moment, the timing was perfect, as rehearsed, my friend Victoria Venier was singing that "We chose the eagle, but we could've easily chose you (the horse)". I have and owe much gratitude to all the horses that I have been blessed with to cross my path.

To get to perform at LIBERTY with a mustang Right on Trac, with such a limited time to train him, has been a result of a 25 year learning process. I owe much gratitude to my mentors for being willing and for taking the time to share their gifts, their life long experiences and their skills with me, as well as the platforms which provide the opportunities for my growth and my work being seen. They all have been an important key to my liberty journey! I have been so very blessed with the World's greatest liberty mentors and platforms which have helped me take my liberty horsemanship to the next level, in chronological order, as they came into my life; *see the list of them below. 

Once I got on Nike, feeling her relaxation, I took a deep breath. As the first few words of the song "God Bless the USA" started during my leg yields, I looked up and saw myself on the big bright screen. I thought of the work that I have put in to get to this point of recognition, as well as my journey of becoming a USA citizen, the opportunities this amazing country offers and I got teary eyed. It was a moment I will never forget. 

Towards the end of the performance Trac absorbed the audience's electric energy and not knowing what to do with it, he sped up and passed us. While I held the American Flag with pride, I had no way to help him through this feeling. I eventually was able to position Nike close to him and take them both for a run around the whole around to highlight the American Flag and show off the two mustangs in a fast canter. After this run I positioned Nike close to the jump, hoping Trac would get the signal and he did! He came around in a sweeping circle 20 feet away from us at liberty, eagle focus on the tall jump of standing barrels and soared right over it, without any cue or any guidance. He knew the routine, he knew what to do and he was willing to do it. That was the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake, the moment I hoped for. It had never been done before. Unfortunately, the spotlight did not follow him, but a lot of people could still see it since I had a small light on the jump. 

*Honza Bláha ~ Honza Bláha - has been a great friend and a mentor of mine since 1997. He was the FIRST person ever, whom I have seen perform with his horse Gaston in bridleless collection and liberty collection. Honza has been my life long greatest inspiration.

David Lichman Parelli Professional ~ Liberty Training - Challenges and Support with David Lichman - David taught the first ever natural horsemanship clinic in the Czech Republic, I believe it was 1998. This was where it all started for me! I got my liberty foundation from David and the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program - both Pat Parelli and Linda Parelli.

Karen Rohlf ~ Dressage Naturally with Karen Rohlf-Training, Clinics, Educational Material has helped me understand the swing. Swinging from one quality to the other (for example relaxation ~ energy). This has brought much balance to my training approach. I picked up many important pieces of how to change and shape my horse's posture from her. How to bring play into my training sessions.


Lisa Aldridge, YES, my reining mentor, has helped my liberty! SHE has been my key mentor in understanding the horse's lateral and vertical balance and the importance of it. I then took her teachings and transferred them to my liberty and bridleless training.


The Mustang Heritage Foundation which has provided me with an amazing platform to perform at liberty with now 3 mustangs from the wild, during the Extreme Mustang Makeover and has given me an opportunity to work on my skills as an entertainer, a tough task for an introvert like me, in front of large audiences. I love getting to highlight the mustangs' abilities of connection with people.


Dan James ~ Double Dan Horsemanship has been one of my most recent mentors. After 20 years of playing with horses at liberty, you would think I had it all figured out:-) When I met Dan, I had trained probably over a 100 liberty horses, I could do some fancy maneuvers with them, but the connection was often lost at greater distances, in larger areas. Not only did Dan help me with that, he also brought more clarity and understanding to my horses, which resulted in even more relaxation, which is always my main focus.


Elizabeth James ~ the founder of the International Liberty Horse Association who has created the discipline of liberty. This has provided me with platforms to practice liberty as a discipline, in precise patterns as well as freestyles, sometimes invitational freestyles and become more confident as an entertainer. Being an introverted person, this has been very hard for me. The ILHA has placed me in front of large audiences ~ at the Road to the Horse, during the Liberty Festival and the Liberty Championships and has exposed my horses to different arenas.



The Sky is NOT the Limit:-)

PHOTOS CREDIT (all but 2): Pro Equine Productions

trac jump.JPG

2023 WDAA Online International Challenge

​​Mirka competed with a gypsy vanner mare Crickette's Meadow Dance owned by Karen Fitzgerald

  • 1st PLACE Introductory Costume Freestyle

  • 3rd PLACE Introductory Test 2

  • 4th PLACE Introductory Test 3

  • WDAA Versatility Horse Award

  • PLACED TOP 5 within the Division Award

  • Qualified for the 2023 WDAA World Show

  • Qualified for the Harmony Award with 3 harmony scores above 8

2023 WDAA World Show

​​Mirka competed with a gypsy vanner mare Crickette's Meadow Dance owned by Karen Fitzgerald, earning 5x World Champion titles and many high point awards!

  • World Champion Horsemanship

  • World Champion Equitation

  • 4th Dressage Suitability

  • World Champion Intro Freestyle

  • World Champion Intro Test 1

  • Reserve World Champion Intro Test 2

  • 11th Intro Test 3

  • World Champion Intro Test 4

  • Intro Division Award

  • Overall Open High Point

  • Overall Gypsy Vanner Breed High Point Award

  • Overall Freestyle High Point Award - 83.714%

     a PERSONAL LIFETIME HIGHEST SCORE & the unofficial highest score of the entire 2023 WDAA World Show, thanks to the choreography and coaching help from Karyn Rainey!

0W9A1856-Enhanced-NR-Edit (1)-2.jpg

2023 ILHA Liberty Championship

​​Mirka competed with her mustang Marvel and Right on Trac. Photos credit Taylor Marie Images.

  • TOP 3 Invitational Freestyle Score 209.50  

  • Champion Pro Bareback & Bridleless Advanced Score 138.50

  • Champion Pro Liberty Team Intermediate Score 104.50


Mirka competed with mustang Shelby owned by Antoinette DeNucci

  • Champion ProLead Line Novice 112.00

  • Champion ProTraining Level @ Shoulder Intermediate 78.00

  • Champion Pro Training Level @ Shoulder Novice Score 66.50

  • Champion ProTraining Level Liberty Intermediate Score 90.00

  • Reserve Champion Pro Obstacles Novice Score 72

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