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"So many people limit themselves with their thoughts on a daily basis, by telling themselves that they cannot do something or even worse, they listen to others who tell them that they cannot do it. They limit themselves from even attempting to live their dreams and reach for their goals. This is not you! You and I both know that the only limit is our own imposter's syndrome  and lack of resourcefulness. This applies not only to our horsemanship, but to anything that we want to achieve in other areas of our lives. I have been able to live my dreams my whole life and achieve 10x more than most people will in their lifetime, following this exact principle. I want the same for you! Believe your dreams, believe that you can do it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Believe that you can, immerse yourself in learning, take massive action and watch it happen!" 

Mirka Crew

Many ask me, where do I get my tack for ground work? 

From my friend, KATHLEEN GRAFTON / KatzHorseWear, who hand makes all of her products.
A lot of her products  have been created based on my suggestions, when I needed products to work better to fit my needs. I ask and Kathleen always delivers! I provide her with my feedback after using the products and if adjustments for functionality need to be made, she makes them. Over the time of several years now, her products not only have amazing quality, stunning colors, great feel, but are also very functional! 

Especially her ROPE HALTERS are made to the measurements of your horse's head to ensure the correct fit. Featuring a SLIDING RING which allows for the proper bend, compared to rope halters with just a Fiader not on the bottom. If your halter does not have this sliding ring, when you apply lateral pressure, the horse's nose is often times caused to go the opposite direction than desired, because the halter twists. This causes miscommunication, tension and unnecessary frustrations.

Recently, my two new favorite products have been the ADJUSTABLE NECK ROPES for bridleless riding and the thinner LEAD LINES for an easier transfer of in hand on-line work to liberty work. One of my most frequent go to is an 18ft thin lead line, which I use for creating more distance, without having a heavy rope dragging on the ground. It also helps to transfer the distance work to liberty work. I also love the snap-less leads which prevent from having a snap fly around my horse's face during ground work. 

Below you can see a few photos of samples of her recent work.



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