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Raffle to support the Ukraine

Some of you know that I come from the Czech Republic (old Czechoslovakia, Slovakia boarders with the Ukraine), I grew up in one of those apartment buildings in Czech that look like the ones you see frequently bombarded in the Ukraine. My family still lives there. My family's last 4 generations have had to cope with 2 World Wars, losing our great grandfather in the concentration camp for speaking against the German invasion, my grandmother (my mom's mom) came from the Ukraine, then borders were closed and her town bombarded by Russians, when she went back it was level with the ground and none of her family to be found, Russian invasion, communists ruled our country till I was 8 years old, no travel allowed, no freedom of speech, people placed in jail or worse for speaking against the government, no capitalism, shortages of food and housing,... The history is repeating itself. The Czech did not have the financial means to stand up for itself and yet many tried,  the will was there! It's easy to say, let them take care of the invader themselves, but practically that's difficult to do!  After 100 years of frequently fighting off dictators and communists, it is very difficult to do. I see, I admire and I understand the will of the Ukrainians, but they need help. They need help now, not tomorrow. This is the least I can do. 

What will you do?

When I was 16 I got to visit the Ukraine. I thought I came from a poor country and I always though that we didn't have much. My views drastically changed after visiting the Ukraine. While you may see modern cities bombarded in the news, most of the Ukraine lives off its land, by hand, not by tractors, by hand. It was like going 200-300 years in the past. How are these people supposed to fight for their freedom? With what in their hands? Hope is all they have and support is all they have! Let's make sure we give them enough support and the help they need!


5-DAY CLINIC or 2x DAYS (approx. 6hrs per day) learning with Mirka Crew. 100% proceeds donated to Red Cross to support the Ukraine via humanitarian efforts.  

Raffle rules:

Unlimited raffle spots. Why? = more support for the Ukraine.

Raffle numbers will be assigned in the order the payments come in and will be updated on this page 1x a week till the raffle closes.


Enter by May 1st. Drawing will take place LIVE on Facebook by May 10th, exact date and time of drawing will be announced by May 1st. 

The Winner of this raffle can attend any of Mirka Crew's 5-day 2022-2023 clinics (they are scheduled 4x per year, in the spring or fall) at the Southern Cross Ranch, Columbia, Alabama (Southeast Alabama) or can schedule 2 private days learning from Mirka Crew. Winner can transfer this WIN to a friend or a family member. This win cannot be redeemed as cash. Winner can use one of our horses if he or she cannot bring one. Winner will be responsible for any other expenses associated with their trip, other than the clinic cost and the horse lease cost, including but not limited to lodging, RV hook up, shavings, gas/flight expenses (trip expenses)., etc...


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5-Day Clinic Raffle Contact

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or mail a check made to Equine Foundations, LLC, 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, Alabama, 36319


RAFFLE SPOTS PAID FOR - last updated 5-6-2022

1Petra Schuller

2Harold Weber

3Audra Rosson

4Audra Rosson 

5Jane Thorsen

6Jane Thorsen

7Jane Thorsen

8Karin Vonk

9Jacqui Evans

10Lori Dawson

11Tina Hicks

12Tina Hicks

13Rosemary Patrick

14Debbie Frey

15Joanie Patronis

16Joanie Patronis

17Joanie Patronis

18Joanie Patronis

19Joanie Patronis

20Tami George

21Maria Braud

22Kelly Stewart

23Brittany Serrano

24Sonja Roberts

25Joanie Patronis

26Joanie Patronis

27Joanie Patronis

28Joanie Patronis

29Joanie Patronis

30Randy Tucker

31Randy Tucker

32David Morres

Karen Tucci (Asked not to be in the raffle)


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